VILLA S.GIULIANA HOSPITAL for psychosocial rehabilitation is run by the “Istituto Sorelle della Misericordia” of Verona. A hospital belonging to the Italian National Health System, it is committed to the assessment, care and rehabilitation of people affected by psychic disturbances.



anxiety, panic attacks
mood-related disturbances, severe depression
personality-related disturbances
psychotic imbalances
adolescent psychopathology

The experience matured during years of clinical work with younger patients resulted in the structure being recognised, in 2012, as a “Regional centre for the treatment of psychiatric disturbance in adolescence”, specifically relating to mental disturbance in teenagers.

The treatment of teenagers consists in taking complete charge of the somatic, behavioural, cognitive and relational aspects of the situation. Each individual is involved in a personal project which comprises individual intervention and activities in small groups; a series of coordinated experiences managed by the treatment team who work constantly towards specific targets set by the psychiatric specialist.

Adolescence is an essential stage in the development process. During this critical phase, development can be hindered by personal and relational problems such as to compromise youngsters’ positive evolution.

In more fragile teenagers, the depth and extent of difficulty can be expressed via withdrawal or poor performance at school, difficulty in self-control and emotional instability (violence and transgression, self-harm), eating disorders, alcohol and drug consumption and abuse…

For some teenagers, the definition of their inner self, of their personal identity, can become a journey of intense suffering and severe loneliness. A psychological condition of existence characterised by unbearable psychic pain, pushing them to the point of taking actions that can even put their lives at risk.

For these suffering adolescents and their families, Villa S.Giuliana Hospital is a point of reference. Listening and understanding are completed with the offer of a treatment programme with specialised techniques and fully equipped spaces for therapy and recovery.

Here the teenagers take part in specially formulated activities using traditional treatments (psychotherapy) and innovative co-therapies (Assisted Activities with Animals) to enhance the efficiency with which the problems are managed and make the most of the personal resources available.

The Flyin Hearts project is aimed specifically at these youngsters and its team works in partnership with the rehabilitation staff of Dr. Amedeo Bezzetto. Dr. Bezzetto’s staff cooperate with the Flyin Hearts team on the beach and in the water, working directly with the children to provide support and constantly monitor the experience and the reactions of the patients, with a view to guaranteeing benefits at psychic and relational level.